GlipMe allows your PBX to look incoming callers up. Using PBX API your PBX can query GlipMe every time an incoming call is received, and show on your phone the name and the company of the caller.

PBX API can be consumed by every modern PBX that can query an address book via HTTP.
Asterisk based PBX, for example FreePBX or Tribox, can be connected to GlipMe with a few easy steps.

To enable PBX API you may go to "my profile->organization" area.

Here there are some example of integration. If your have different PBX, please contact our support to receive assistance. If you PBX can query external sources, most probably it can consume GlipMe PBX API.


FreePBX is an Asterisk based PBX that can be administered with a GUI. To connect it to GlipMe PBX API:
  1. Enable (from admin->module admin) the "CID Superfecta" module from POSSA publisher
  2. If your Superfecta version is less that 1.11.15, please download this Superfecta plugin and copy it on pbx folder "<webroot>/admin/modules/superfecta/sources". On Centos sytems this is probably /var/www/html/admin/modules/superfecta/sources/
  1. Configure Superfecta from "admin->CID Superfecta" (see video below)
    1. Edit "default" caller ID scheme, or create a new one
    2. Select "GlipMe" data source. We also suggest to enable "Superfecta Cache" and order them as: Superfecta Cache first, GlipMe second.
    3. Configure GlipMe data source. You need only your "security key". You can find your personal security key in you "my profile->organization" GlipMe area.
    4. Save the schema.
  2. Go to your external inbound route ("connectivity->inbound routes") and edit it (or them).
    1. Under "CID Lookup Source" select "Superfecta"
    2. Check the "Enable CID Superfecta" flag.
    3. Select the "Scheme" you defined ("default" or a custom one).
    4. Save.

That's all: your PBX will query GlipMe to show you caller's name and not number.

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